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Who can write you a legal ESA letter?

Who can write you a legal ESA letter?

If you don’t know who can write an ESA letter for you then you are at the right place. Here you can find briefs on ESA letters. We will help you in obtaining a letter.


What is meant by the ESA letter?

The United States government considers emotional support animals to be service animals, and specific ESA Letter regulations protect them. The Fair Housing Act (FHA) specifically mandates landlords and housing providers to provide reasonable accommodations for ESAs as well as exempt them from pet fees and limitations.

To obtain FHA protection, you must provide documentation that your pet is an ESA dog, cat, or other animals. The paperwork you must present to a landlord is an ESA letter. It’s a formal recommendation for an emotional support animal from a mental health practitioner, comparable to a pharmaceutical prescription.

An ESA letter must be written expressly for you, and it must include your diagnosis as well as a referral for an exotic pet. Any licensed mental health professional (LMHP) can write one, but they must do it in a “live” setting, such as an in-person consultation or a telemedicine appointment.

Because it might be difficult for many people to obtain an appointment with local mental health doctors, online ESA letter firms have emerged. If you are qualified, these services will connect you with an LMHP for telemedicine consultations and present you with a valid ESA letter.

Do you meet the requirements for an emotional support animal?

The only way to know for sure if you qualify for an ESA is to have your situation reviewed by a competent mental health specialist (LMHP). However, there are several questions you may ask yourself to determine if you are eligible for an emotional support animal.

  •     Do you exhibit signs of an emotional or mental disability? Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and social phobia are all qualifying illnesses.
  •     Would an ESA help you deal with your symptoms?

ESAs provide a relaxing, comforting presence that assists many people in more successfully coping with their mental or emotional problems.

  •     Are you willing to undergo an LMHP evaluation? You are not eligible for an emotional support animal if you self-diagnose.

How to Obtain a Genuine ESA Letter

Online suppliers make it simple for qualified persons to get valid ESA letters. Each organization is different, but most adhere to a pretty conventional method. Here are the fundamental procedures for obtaining an ESA letter.

Select an online service provider.

There are various online service providers who give high-quality services and genuine ESA letters. Unfortunately, there are also scam websites that provide bogus messages and services.


The majority of online ESA letter businesses enable you “prequalify” for your letter. Typically, this is accomplished by a pre-screening quiz. While your quiz results aren’t used to diagnose you or assess your eligibility, they might suggest if you’re likely to match the requirements.

The majority of these online screening questions are brief and only take a few minutes to complete. The questions are aimed to see if you have typical signs of Medical health impairment, such as sadness or anxiety.

Participate in an evaluation

Most businesses provide a variety of packages with varying pricing based on the letter and other items or services included. In most circumstances, you’ll have to pay the full sum upfront, but you may be able to receive part of it back if you don’t wind up qualifying. If you do not qualify for a letter, Puttable will return your money in full.

You must undergo a “live” evaluation with an LMHP to receive your diagnosis and letter. The LMHP will talk with you about your symptoms to see if you have a diagnosable mental or emotional disability and if an ESA will help you manage them. Most firms will tell you if you qualify at the end of the examination.

And your letter is here

You will receive your official ESA letter if you satisfy the requirements for an emotional support animal. Most online providers will send you a digital copy within 24 hours of your consultation. You might also be able to have a printed copy shipped to you.

Your ESA letter is proof that you are eligible to request an FHA accommodation for yourself and your emotional support animal. If you receive your letter from a firm that provides continuous customer assistance, you may contact a representative if you have any questions or concerns about how to use it. Now you can get your ESA dogs or cats.

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