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Why Attendance And Leave Management System Is Crucial For Government institutes?

Why Attendance And Leave Management System Is Crucial For Government institutes?

Government schools in India have often suffered the consequences of mismanagement, inadequate infrastructure, and poor education quality. In the past few years, the Ministry of Education has taken multiple initiatives to improve the conditions of government schools. For instance, the recruitment of better teaching professionals in primary and secondary schools. However, one of the most important aspects in this regard is the infrastructure; availing computers and digitalising the administrative functions is one of the primary developments. 
Another recurring issue that we often see occurring in government schools is that most of the tasks are carried out manually. Besides, the teachers carry out the attendance of class by calling out the names; similarly, they need to maintain the attendance register regularly. It takes a considerable amount of time to execute these tasks manually, but if they use tools like an attendance management system, it will simplify the process. 

Let us take a look at why the attendance management or leave management system is crucial for government institutes: 

Automates the attendance management

The teachers have a responsibility to deliver timely lessons and ensure that students understand what they are being taught. However, if they require to spend the first few minutes recording the attendance of students individually, it can consume a significant part of their time. Similarly, the staff who wants to take leave have to go through a long process of appealing for leave and then wait for the approval.

However, with the automated attendance and leave management system, the institute can streamline the process. The teachers can record the attendance easily as they would not require to spend hours processing paper sheets, time cards or preparing schedules. Simultaneously, the tool efficiently handles the administrative tasks by calculating the overtime, reducing time and effort in the process and helping in maintaining data accuracy. 

Reduces errors 

Despite being proficient in data entry, the school staff might unknowingly make an error while recording information of those who took leave. In addition, manual processes are riddled with errors that can cause issues during the audit despite rechecking and other methods. Also, it can affect the calculation prior to the salary day, when the accountant needs to count the LOP(loss of pay).  

Hence, the automated leave management system ensures that time records are accurate and carefully prevents omissions that can cause penalties or losses. 

Optimises the administrative activities 

Government institutes still follow the traditional methods of facilitating leaves or holidays to the staff and teaching department. But an institute can save up to 4% of annual payroll expenses with an automated time and attendance system with RFID/biometric-enabled tools. Furthermore, RFID Time Clock allows workers with a unique ID badge to simply pass near an RF reader to clock in or out. Similarly, the Biometric Time & Attendance system can track arrivals, departures, breaks, and meals with just the press of a finger. 

Also, by using an easy-to-use automated system, the institute can reduce the paperwork workload. 

Reporting and analytics 

One of the most significant advantages of the attendance management system is that the admin or the teacher can generate reports after a month’s end. Also, these auto-generated reports help to determine the number of absent and present days with just one click. On the other hand, we can customise the leave management system according to the institute’s needs. Hence, it is useful to create precise reports to analyse performance, identify patterns in leaves, and even summarise monthly activities. 

Also, if the school’s staff and departments want to improve the institutional performance, they can use a graphical representation of data to strategise performance enhancement plans. 

Data security

The automated system is designed with advanced security features which prevent fraud and false entries. Moreover, the biometric system ensures that only the registered members can make timely entries. Also, an elaborate security system disallows access to unauthorised members; it sends automated alerts and notifications to concerned persons during data theft attempts. 

In conclusion 

Government schools require technological upgrading, which will help them prosper concerning efficient institutional functioning. Therefore, the attendance and leave management system is an appropriate solution to their tedious labor-intensive administrative tasks.

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