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Why Is Cloud Native App Development the Future of IT

Cloud Native app development is one of the hottest topics in the software development industry these days. However, all developers have different opinions about this cloud-native app development. For some developers, it is just hype, and for others, it is the future of the software development company.

So, it does not matter what will happen in the future, but currently, cloud-native app development is sitting on the throne of the software development industry. Moreover, it has already changed the face of the software industry regarding developing, deploying and operating software products.

What Is Cloud Native Application Development?

Cloud-native technology empowers organizations to use cloud computing to build and run scalable applications in modern, dynamic IT environments. Containers, service meshes, microservices, immutable infrastructure and declarative APIs, exemplify this approach.

With the help of cloud computing, Cloud-native technology helps businesses create and run scalable applications in modern and dynamic IT environments. Cloud-native development establishes a way for applications packaged in containers, deployed as various microservices, managed on elastic infrastructure, built on agile DevOps processes, and delivered in continuous workflows.

The traditional method of application development was done on a physical server. After that, they shifted them into a public or private cloud. Besides this, cloud native app development is done and deployed in a cloud, keeping in mind the Cloud’s specific architecture.

Let’s concentrate on some points that prove why cloud native app development is the future of IT?

Why Cloud Native Application Development is the Future of IT

Applications are Managed through Agile DevOps Processes

All services of cloud native app development follow a self-regulating life cycle handled by a smooth DevOps process. As the DevOps process manages cloud native app development, various continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines might be able to work together.

Applications are Packaged as Lightweight Containers

Another advantage of Cloud Native app development is that the applications are created as an assortment of independent and solitary microservers packed inside lightweight containers. Opposite to Virtual machines, containers are considered easily scalable and in trend. The reason behind this is that the unit of scaling is containers. Apart from this, utilisation is also optimal.

Applications are Developed with best-of-breed Languages and Frameworks

The most suitable programming languages and frameworks are used for cloud-native app development. Cloud-Native for enterprise is playing an important role. That is why they use the best languages as a feature for cloud native app development.

What about adding a continuous video real-time feature to an application created in Node.js with WebSockets while picking Python and Django for uncovering the API! The adaptable approach to building microservices allows you to choose the best programming language and system fit to send that usefulness and gives you much-required opportunities down the line.

Applications are Designed as Loosely Coupled Microservices

Services that end up controlling a similar application find each other through the application runtime. These services are free of different services. Flexible framework and application designs, when incorporated appropriately, make adaptability proficient and high performing.

Inexactly coupled services guarantee designers can think about each assistance free of different administrations. This decoupling permits a designer to zero in on the centre usefulness of each help to bring fine-grained practicality. Moreover, this approach clears a path to the creative lifecycle. The board of these applications as each help is kept up independently and with clear conditions.

It Isolates Server and Operating System Dependencies

Cloud-native applications need proclivity toward a specific working framework or single machine. Since they work at a more significant level of reflection, they are not hindered in the hour of hardware and software upgrades from here on out. Some microservices need unique hardware assets: solid-state drives (SSDs) or graphic processing units (GPUs). Luckily, Cloud vendors will generally offer those assets by a subset of machines.

Applications are Deployed on Self-Service, Elastic, Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud-native application programs are sent on a virtual, shared, and flexible foundation. They might adjust as per the fundamental foundation to develop and recoil continuously — calibrating themselves to the eccentric burden.


There are some challenges also in cloud native app development. One of the main challenges is the presence of multiple services. Therefore, developers need to be very careful while managing these services. They need to focus also on the size of the service. So, it is suggested to cut down the number of services wherever and whenever possible.

Apart from this, you need to give proper attention to data security and storage. The entire internal data vanishes when you shut down the app as enterprise run containers on immutable architecture. So, it would help if you made sure about the security of the data. Apart from this, you need to manage the API carefully when the app is using that API of a particular cloud platform. Additionally, it is essential to protect data from unauthorised access.

As Cloud has become one of the essential parts of the business process, picking cloud native app development helps you to secure your future business.

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