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Why should you have a Grease Trap Installed in Your Dublin Restaurant?

Is your restaurant in Dublin popular and attracts a huge crowd? Install a grease trap today for healthy kitchen operations.

Do you sell fried bacon or other fried items in your Dublin restaurant? Do the kitchen workers pour oil down the drain more often? Have you often heard people advising against pouring oil, grease, and fat down the drain? That’s because the fat hardens in the pipe, and eventually causes the wastewater to flow back. One of the major reasons for sewer blockage in restaurants is fat accumulation. It may also cause environmental hazards. Therefore, it’s high time you focus on it and stop pouring the bacon grease through the restaurant kitchen sink. One of the simplest ways to overcome this problem is to install a grease trap. They are the interceptors you may attach at the bottom of the sink where the oils and fats collect regularly. Some of the new-age devices come with the ability to use bacteria for disintegrating the oils.

Get the grease trap for safety

You cannot switch to selling non-oily food in your eatery suddenly. Especially if your restaurant is popular for a handful of fried items. But adopting an eco-friendly approach is more beneficial. Why don’t you ask companies like Greaseco to install a grease trap? They have been doing it for years and are one of the names to reckon with when keeping the commercial kitchen clean. That way, you may reduce the chances of blockages in the sewer system of your eatery. Read on to know why your Dublin restaurant needs this plumbing device mandatorily? But before that get a glimpse of what it is all about.

Things to know about a grease trap

It is a plumbing device that prevents Fats, Oils, and Greases to enter the septic tank or the sewer. The traps have come as one of the most important devices to be installed in commercial kitchens, especially for those in restaurants. FOGs do not mix with water and also bring several solid food particles with them when poured through the drain. With the grease trap, you can let the water pass easily and let the device catch the rest of the undesirable substances. Here is how it works.

  • The traps come in five separate parts, and the wastewater enters through the inlet pipe.
  • The controller slows down the flow of wastewater containing the FOGs.
  • It also includes barriers to regulate the flow of water and allow the oil and fat particles to break down.
  • The water present in the device reduces the temperature of the wastewater and aims to separate the grease from the wastewater.
  • The wastewater flows out through the outlet pipe and the fat-free wastewater enters the sewer system, and eventually goes to the septic tank.

Although the device may not make the grey water completely free from FOGs, it does bring down the particles to the least.

Sources of fats and oils

The grease traps for commercial kitchens need to bear the brunt of FOG more often than the rest. So, you need to reduce the extent of solid particles entering the drain. But if you check the functioning of the restaurants in Dublin, you will find out how installing the trap makes a difference. If you want to reduce the chances of sewer blocks down the line, you must call the experts for installation.

grease traps for commercial kitchens

How does your restaurant benefit from grease traps?

You may not need this plumbing device for your home kitchen but when it comes to keeping the commercial restaurant kitchen clean, the grease interceptor keeps the functioning smooth. But you also need to hire a grease trap cleaning service every three months to keep the kitchen running without any hindrances. Take a look at how your kitchen in the Dublin restaurant will benefit from this plumbing device.

  • Reduce the spread of diseases

If you cannot arrange a healthy environment in your restaurant, it may ruin your business prospects in the long run. Accumulation of waste in the grease trap may result in unhealthy conditions in the kitchen. If you fail to install the device, your employees may have poor health. Your business may also run into lawsuits.

  • Prevent bad smells

The fats, oils, and greases that flow down the drain often cause a rotting smell in your restaurant. Your eatery may run into customer dissatisfaction issues due to a weird odor.

  • Reduce the risk of fire

Excessive FOGs accumulating in the drain may also increase the chances of fire. You must have a proper drainage maintenance plan and install a device that traps the oily remnants.

Your Dublin restaurant attracts huge crowd during the weekends. Make sure you are aware of the safety issues and install a grease trap to prevent the sewers from blocking.

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