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5 Simple Steps to Reduce Dumpster Odors

Although garbage can smell like many things, the odor of garbage is always unpleasant. Some business owners are fortunate enough to have manageable dumpster smells behind the establishment. Some people only notice the smell on hot days, or when the lid is lifted.

However, other businesses aren’t as fortunate. Managers of grocery stores and restaurants often have to deal the most unpleasant garbage smells because they dispose of so much food. Worse, sometimes the stinky smell can seep into your business, causing customers to leave and lowering employee morale.

Any business can control the stench from their dumpsters by following a few easy steps. These five steps will help you get rid of stinky trash. You’ll be a huge success with your trash service and customers.

1. Choose the Right Bags

You should consider switching to trash bags if you don’t already use them. Garbage bags that are well tied will keep odors contained so they can only escape a few whiffs. If the smells persist, you may have to switch to stronger bags. Your bags might be falling apart when they are tossed into the dumpster.

2. Dry it

In a warm, moist environment, mold and bacteria thrive. Keep liquids out of trash bags, dumpsters, and bags. On dry days, you can “air out” your dumpster by leaving the side or lid open. Although this may make the odor worse initially, it will dry out any juices or other substances that could be causing it over time.

3. Add Odor Removing Agents

To counter the smell of the dumpster, you can bring in other materials. Kitty litter and baking soda are two popular options to combat garbage smells. When the dumpster is full, add a few cups baking soda and kitty litter to the floor. The litter will absorb liquids and the soda will absorb the odors. Before adding odor-removal material to a dumpster you rent, make sure you check with your trash service.

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4. Keep Invasive pests at bay

Even if you follow the above steps, feral cats and mice or raccoons can still ruin your efforts by chewing open trash bags looking for food. To keep pests away from your dumpster, compost organic waste. To discourage animal invasions, you can use motion-sensor lights and peppermint oil as taste-deterrents.

5. Talk to your trash services

If you rent a junk container, ask your trash removal company for advice on controlling the odor. The waste removal company will be able to tell you what odor removal methods they use and provide guidance on how to avoid odors building up in the future.

An average person produces more than four pounds of garbage each day. Bad odors can naturally develop when that trash accumulates over the course of a week. Although garbage is never pleasant to the nose, it doesn’t have to be unpleasant. This five-step method will help you get rid of the unpleasant stench. You can control your bad dumpster smells with patience and a strong stomach.



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