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7 Advantages of a Painted Deck (Over a Stained Deck)

If you’re in the process of building or renovating your deck, you have many options available to you from which to choose. Two of the most common choices are whether you should stain your deck or paint it instead. Though many people assume that staining a deck creates more vibrant colors and richer texture, there are actually several advantages to painting deck instead of staining it. Let’s take a look at why painting may be the better option for you.

Seven Advantages of a Painted Deck

1) A Rich Variety of Colors

A deck can be created with many different kinds of materials: wood, composite, or plastic. Wood decks are more expensive and require more maintenance than composite or plastic decks. Composite and plastic decks are made from synthetic materials that come in various colors, textures, and finishes to choose from. The richness of color is another advantage to composite and plastic decking because they offer many options for color choices where the stain is limited to shades of brown.

Better Protection Against Sunlight

2) Better Protection Against Sunlight

Wood decks are prone to warping, splitting, and rotting due to the natural wear and tear that comes with sun exposure. These problems can be avoided by painting your deck. Since paint will fill in cracks and gaps, it will seal any bare wood and protect against sunlight-caused deterioration. Paint also makes it easier to clean your deck as you can just hose off the surface rather than scrub away at dried-on stains.

3) Easier Cleanup

Paint is much easier to clean than stain, so you can simply hose it down without having to worry about the toxic chemicals that are in many stains. Stain is also more likely to leave a film on your deck that will need special care. In addition, stains often won’t cover up the cracks and gaps in your komposittrall pris as well as paint does. Plus, stains often only come in brown shades which limits what color you have to choose from.

Conceals Cracks

4) Conceals Cracks

It’s easier to clean a painted deck rather than a stained one. Paint hides flaws better and is more forgiving when it comes to missed spots. It also conceals cracks, which are often visible on decks that have been stained or weathered for years. Composite decking colors allow you to choose from an array of hues and shades, while stain offers only brown tones.

5) No Chipping or Peeling

One disadvantage of stain is that it can chip or peel off the deck. Paint, on the other hand, will not chip or peel as long as you apply several coats in succession. You will have to use more paint, but you won’t have to worry about your investment peeling away from your deck.

Allows Maintenance at Any Time

6) Allows Maintenance at Any Time

You can paint your deck any color you want, or even paint it to match the trim on your house. You can also change the color whenever you feel like it. Painting is more forgiving than staining, so if you make a mistake, it’s easier to fix it. If you have rengöra komposittrall colors that are in style right now, painting them is going to give them a new look without having to replace them.

7) No Odor

A painted deck also has no odor, as paint covers up any stain. This is an advantage if you are concerned about the chemicals released from composite decking colors. Painting your deck will keep it looking fresh year-round and allow it to remain the focal point of your backyard for many years to come.

You can find many more benefits to painting over staining with some research. Take advantage of these tips today by painting your deck and enjoying these benefits for years to come!

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