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Top Web Design Site to Win a Web Design Award

Best Web Design Site to Win a Web Design Award

Web design Awards are one of the most underrated ways to gain recognition in the industry. They also provide a great opportunity to join a new community, find inspiration and discover new trends in web design, development, and branding.

Whether they have been around for decades or are just in their infancy, we have included 7 top website awards that every web designer should apply for and win.

Types of Web Design Awards

Some web design awards have been around for decades, and some are in their first few years. The awards recognize outstanding achievements and highlight web design and development trends that many agencies can learn from.

Many contests are known for awarding recipients for specific categories — everything from the best user experience and stunning CSS design to the best newcomers and sustainable techniques and strategies transforming mainstream antalya kepez escort culture. Check out the categories below to see which one is the best fit for your agency.

The best web design and development awards for 2022

This list of the best web design awards in the industry highlights your skills as a professional web designer and developer.

#1 Web design Awards: TopCSSGallery

TopCSSGallery is the leading web design awards platform for web designers and developers of all skill levels. This platform indicates quality and excellence in web design and development. The award is recognized worldwide and attracts the attention of design-oriented companies, professionals, and interest groups.

Winning is a certificate of excellence for designers, an important milestone in your career. With topics Ga attracting the eyes of design-minded companies worldwide, the winners will be able to find better and more profiled jobs and potential customers and get a step ahead in their lives.

By submitting your website, you can receive exclusive marketing and communications services to support the success of winning the TopCSSGallery Awards. In addition to these awards, this platform can give any website a chance to showcase its skills to a global audience and gain recognition.

In addition, you can use this platform to learn the latest web design trends, improve your web design skills and develop an amazing web art piece for your portfolio.

Cost: This platform offers free submission for individual freelancers to promote them, and business charges $29 per site submission for content and promotion.

#2 Web Design Awards: Awwwards

Like the CSS Design Awards, Awwwards recognizes the talent and efforts of the world’s best web designers, developers and agencies. The Awards also rely on a panel of esteemed industry professionals and their active user base to evaluate submissions.

In addition to the awards, the organization hosts a series of conferences in iconic cities worldwide, from New York to Los Angeles and Barcelona to London. You can learn from the best in the business at any Awwwards star-speaking event.

Cost: There are three tiers: $65 per page submission; $165 for an annual membership with three free submissions and directory member listing; or $1,750 for an annual membership with unlimited posts and directory listing.

#3 Web Design Awards: The Shorty Awards 

The Shorty Awards celebrate the best in social media and recognize the highly impactful and creative social branding of influencers, creators, organizations, and brands on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and more.

The Shorty Awards were the first awards to be recognized by social media, and they continue to evolve with the media they recognize. While the audience and honorees for these awards are typically viral campaigns or prominent public figures, there are many categories for influencers, brands, creators, and organizations that produce work for clients that are a front-runner. 

Cost: this platform charges $399-$699, depending on the time of filing.

#4 Web Design Awards: D&AD Awards

This celebration of the best in the business began in 1962 when a group of British designers and art directors came together to honor creative communication and design. Almost 60 years later, the D&AD Awards have evolved into a global community recognizing the best in design and advertising.

They are a not-for-profit organization, meaning all its excess income is invest in the creative industry. This platform also provides you with the best.

Cost: Entry prices start for the Impact Category at £288, and for the Future Impact Category, prices start at just £18.

#5 Web Design Awards: CSS Design Awards

The CSS Design Awards (CSSDA) showcase and recognize freelancers, designers, studios, and agencies for working to push the boundaries of UI, UX, and innovative development worldwide.

Founded in 2009 and launched in 2010, ČSSD levels the playing field to ensure that solo freelancers, studios, and agencies have a chance at recognition by ensuring that a nominee for the award competes with similarly sized creatives.

There is a dual rating system. An international panel of industry experts judges all Web of the Day submissions. All public awards, including the UI, UX, and Innovation awards, are scored by judges and approved by the public.

Cost: this platform charges $50 per page submission.

#6 Web Design Awards: Shopify Commerce Awards

They’re back and better than ever! The Shopify Commerce Awards, an iteration of what was once called the Shopify Design Awards, expand its scope in 2017 to recognize creative designers and developers taking commerce to new heights and redefining how people sell online.

This year, a star-studded panel of judges will evaluate entries from UX and front-end development, development and applications, and the best overall lineups.

Cost: Free. You must be a Shopify partner or developer to enter.

#7 Web Design Awards: CSS Winners Prizes

The CSS Winner Awards showcase the best web designers, developers, and agencies on the web today.

Unique to CSS Winners is that scoring is based on a combination of peer voting and panel scoring, with 80 percent based on judges’ scores and the final 20 percent coming from audience votes. Once reviewed, high-scoring entries appear on the nominations page and are eligible for featured awards such as Page of the Day, Page of the Month, or Stars.

Cost: Entries are $9, and rejected entries are refunded.

#8 Web Design Awards: Webby Awards

The Webby Awards is an exciting website/award with a ceremony just like the Oscars! This is one to check out if you’d like to experience glitz and glamor. Unfortunately, applications for the next annual awards are currently close.

Cost: Entry fee starts from $415 for submitting the site on Webby Awards.

#9 Web Design Awards: The FWA

FWA has some exciting awards and settings. It has a “page of the day” and a “Cutting Edge Award”. The front page slider has very cool animations; you can also find job offers here! It’s cheaper to join than some other award sites and instantly exposes you to a wide audience. Interesting to try!

Cost: the FWA Charges £70.50 for accepting the site submission. 

Wrapping Up

Awards represent a huge value to agencies. According to a Podium survey about consumers, 82% of respondents admitted that they were influenced by prices when choosing services such as those agencies provide. So awards are great when it comes to securing more clients. But you probably already knew that. Sure, winning a prize has value, but it’s not just a goal. The journey also matters.

As you plan your price, you slow down to evaluate. Your internal teams will receive recognition and be motivated to continue producing high-quality work.

For agencies that don’t think they’re ready to submit, there’s no time like now to start preparing for next year. Learning about the awards is an important first step in seeing how you stack up against the competition. Along the way, you’ll identify awards that match your agency’s personality and profile, as well as opportunities to improve web design and development.


TopCSSGallery is a unique Web Design Portfolio global platform for showcasing and awarding the top websites with CSS Web Design. Our platform is endorsing, backing, supporting, and promoting the work of the best web designers, developers, freelancers, and digital marketing agencies. Visit our site for more info.

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