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Why is my printer not responding offline?

Printer Error

Why is my printer not responding?

Sometimes, your printer may suddenly stop working. The solution to your printer going offline or appearing offline may be as easy as you think, and we can try these simple symptoms to see if they can fix the problem.


Is it still in sleep mode?

Sometimes the printer will automatically go to sleep mode after being inactive for a while. It might be possible to turn the printer off by pressing the power button again or any other button that disables sleep mode.

Look at the printer’s display to see if there are any error messages

One of these messages could appear:

  • Ink empty / refill ink
  • Close Lid/Open Lid
  • Paper Jam

To resolve the error message (Why is my printer not responding?), troubleshoot it.

Do you have it set as your default printer?

  1. Access Control Center >> Devices & Printers
  2. Choose the printer that you wish to use. Right-click the printer and choose “Set default printer.”
  3. An icon for the printer should have a checkmark at the bottom.

Have the drivers been installed?

Windows will typically install a generic driver for supported printers, but it is essential to establish the manufacturer’s CD driver to ensure your printer works properly.

Is there a duplicate printer installed with the same model number? (Listed as “Copy 1”, or “Copy2 “)

This can happen when you accidentally install drivers multiple times or change the USB port of your computer. All copies of installed drivers, including the original device, must be removed, and the drivers should be uninstalled. Restart your computer, and then reinstall the printer drivers.

Is your printer connected to your computer?

  • Make sure that both ends of the USB printer cable are securely connected to the printer. There might be a loose connection. Connect the USB cable again and disconnect it.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect your printer to the router.
  • For wireless connections, ensure the router or access points are turned on and connected to the printer.

Although the printer is connected, it does not appear in Devices and Printers.

Sometimes, a USB icon will appear on the system tray. This means that the printer is not being detected. These are some solutions.

  • You should not use a generic USB hub or a cheap power supply unit (PSU). If other USB ports are used for devices requiring more power, the USB ports might be underpowered. This can be fixed by temporarily disconnecting all USB devices from the USB ports. Then, connect your printer to your USB port again before joining any other machine that does not require much power.
  • If you can’t connect multiple printers to a single USB port extension, it may result in two or more printers sharing one USB port. The USB icon is only visible as a single icon.
  • Restart your computer, then delete all printer drivers from Control Panel >> Devices & Printers. Before installing drivers, disable or add an exception for any antivirus programs.
  • An old USB printer cable may be used for USB 1.1 devices. You can swap the line for a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 compliant one.
  • Sometimes, flashing or installing the firmware on your motherboard can cause changes in the BIOS settings. Reboot your computer, and then press the key on the screen to access the BIOS. Navigate to the BIOS, and search for the USB Mode option. Please set it to the highest speed or latest version. You should not alter other BIOS settings unless it is clear what you are doing.
  • Above mentioned ways are helpful for fixing your printer error and your issue “Why is my printer not responding? will be fixed.

Contact your local tech if your offline printer problems persist, despite the suggestions above.

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