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Everyone wants their website on that first-page ranking. But what digital marketing strategy can help you get your site up there without having to constantly check website ranking? You should think about SEO, which is heavily affected by factors such as Google page speed. Here are 10 best practices any digital marketing agency would recommend to gain yourself greater site visibility and improve SERP performance.

1. Keep using the keywords you’re already using a lot.

Chances are, if you’re already using a particular keyword for so long, you’ve already registered your site high up on results relating to that particular keyword. Don’t lag and keep using that keyword. It’s a safe way to maintain or even improve your ranking on particular search results.

2. Frontload important keywords in your article.

We all know keywords are an important part of improving SERP performance. But where you place the keywords is also just as significant. Placing the keywords at the beginning of an article can boost SERP performance for those keywords.

3. Use a keyword in your title tag.

As mentioned in tip no. 2 putting the keyword at the beginning of an article can boost SERP performance for that keyword. And where else is the beginning of an article but in the title? Of course, if the keyword doesn’t jam well with the title, you don’t need to force it for the sake of improved visibility. There are many other ways to boost performance for a particular keyword.

4. Pay attention to metadata.

Metadata pertains to the material written underneath the title of the page shown on the search results page. While not directly contributing to search rankings even with top keywords, well-written summative metadata (under 160 words) with the appropriate keywords can function as good bait to draw more users to your site and add to the number of clicks that get your page on top.

5. Update keywords used based on regular research.

Of course, we can’t always keep using the same keywords. Sometimes, we need to do a little more market research. Take a look at the top sites Google features for certain search tags and try to incorporate a diverse array of these sites’ top keywords in your articles.

6. Add backlinks through hook-rich content.

How do we add links that connect to our site? It’s important to focus on developing content to which people would want to link. Regardless of the kind of article written for the site, branding and article controversially or interestingly enough will make people want to link back to the article more, increasing site traffic tremendously.

7. Create headers within articles and add more tags for them.

Doing so adds more site traffic by increasing backlinks by a sizable amount.

8. Add important keywords to URLs featured on your site.

Keep the URLs of sites short and full of the keywords that give readers and search engines a better idea of what the site contains.

9. Add important keywords to alt tags for your videos and images.

We can’t emphasise enough how important keywords are even in the tags for any media attached to the site’s page. Don’t leave them out of the keyword craze!

10. Organise content into groups.

Arranging content in the site thematically can increase backlinks and make the user interface much friendlier, lending the site more user retention.

Notice one thing linking most of these practices together? Keywords! Make sure all content contains and organises the keywords to increase site visibility, search rankings, and encourages user clicks and backlinks. Now, let’s get our sites on top!


Mustafa or Mr. SEO began his career in Dubai’s biggest radio and television network – Channel 4. Nine years later he founded IBA Advertising Dubai, a digital marketing agency. Mustafa loves sharing his knowledge in marketing and IBA slowly became one of the leading SEO agencies in Dubai. Introducing highly converting and innovative campaigns for the healthcare and restaurant businesses.

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