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Why to Opt for MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Why MBBS in Kazakhstan?

The quality of education in Kazakhstan is comparable to Indian standards and is low cost. MBBS in Kazakhstan is a good option if it is taken into account that Kazakh universities are recognized by WHO, GMC, MCI, USMLE and IMED.  Here are some reasons mentioned, why to opt for MBBS in Kazakhstan before choosing MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Facts About MBBS in Kazakhstan

The quality of education is provided by universities at low cost. You will also be provided with practical training along with academic courses. You do not need IELTS or PTE scores to enter MBBS in Kazakhstan, although the NEET exam will be mandatory.

Culture of Kazakhstan

Kazakh culture has had an impact on two entities such as Russian and Chinese. The country is well recognized for its rich traditions. Being respectful towards society, loving humanity is part of the traditions followed in the country. Yurts – one of the inventions of the nomads. Yurts are the coffee table or tent that they set up, take down and take with them. Traditionally, the Kazakh offers their Dastarkhan cuisine to their guests. The country is famous for its craftsmanship, its beautiful embroidery on the saddle pads. As a result, the traditional dress of the Kazakhstan varies from area to area. Leather of Kazakhstan is used to make quivers, belts, harnesses and leather flasks (torsyks) for water. And Kazakh Kumi craftsmen are also very skilled jewelers. Bell shaped earrings are the traditional adornment and thin chain bracelets are sure to attract one.

Language of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has two official languages, that is, Kazakh and Russian, which are widely spoken by the population. Also, there are about 5,290,000 speakers in the country who speak Kazakh. The Kazakh language is also followed in several other countries such as Germany, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Iran. Another authorized language of the Kazakhstan is Russian. About 95% of the population is fluent in Russian. In inner-city areas, Russian is a much admired language. In addition to Kazakh and Russian, there are other native languages such as Dungan, Ili Turk, Ingush, and Plautdietsch. Foreign language English is rising as a youth language. The language is becoming famous due to the arrival of tourists and students to the country.

Food of Kazakhstan

There is a reflection of nomadic and Middle Eastern cuisine in traditional Kazakh cuisine. The food is heavily influenced by nomadic cuisine. Nomads typically depended on their animals for transportation, clothing, and even food. Horse meat, lamb, mutton, crow, animal heart, and kidney, liver are staple foods for people. Some famous delicacies like Kazy, Shashlik, Manti filling and many more are meat dishes. Besbarmak is the national dish of the Kazakhstan and the traditional dish of the community nomads. Kumis, Shubat are some famous drinks made from milk.

Currency of Kazakhstan

The official currency of the country is the tenge. The currency code is KZT. The word Tenge comes from medieval Turkish which means equitable balance. The name of the coin is similar to taka, lira, pound, and peso, but the name of the coin is borrowed from Turkic. Also, the currency symbol is look like a T with horizontal line on top (₸). The National Bank of country is the central bank of Kazakhstan. As a result, the central bank issued new series banknotes in 2006 in the denominations of 2000 and 5000 tenge. The central bank issued a new series of currency of Kazakhstan (tenge) notes dated 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 in denominations of 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, and 10,000 notes.

MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students

Also know more about MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students

All the best medical schools in Kazakhstan are recognized by the Medical Council of India, the World Health Organization. As universities or colleges have low budgets, Indian students are attracted to the country. Also, most Indian students want to study MBBS at low fees and with quality guidance. The country is an excellent study destination for aspiring doctors. As a result, to boost the medical career of students, Kazakhstan universities or colleges play an important role. There are certain advantages and benefits of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students. Enjoy the entire article to have a complete knowledge about the country, the admission process, the best universities and many more.

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